- is a Joint Stock Company
Established to provide high-quality professional technological solutions, equipment and services intended for the electronics industry. Company consists of staff whose creative and practical experience is over 25 years in the electronics industry and over 10 years in EMS, which allows us to provide professional services and products. Our goal is to use our own and international experience to give the Customer the latest technological information and prevent potential problems.
Our precision SMTA and THA automated technology equipment goes hand in hand with the latest technology. To ensure best quality of your products we use equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Assembléon, Yamaha, Mirtec, Heller, Seho, Speedprint, Ersa, Weller, HB Automation, Optical Inspection etc..

Quality management
When selecting LTLAB customers can always be sure that quality of their products are based on approved ISO 9001:2015 quality and ISO 14001:2015 environmental protection management systems, assembled to IPC standards and tested using high-end quality control equipment.

Our business areas:

EMS, PCB assembling
Electronic parts, PCB, laser stencils
Consulting for EMS
LED, Smart lighting solutions
Industrial equipment for EMS and materials
EV chargers and BESS

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